3rd week of tutoring (Oct 10- Oct 16)

Lesson Plan for this Week:

Give the learner a folder that contains: 3 sheets

A “goal sheet” for him to set goals.( i already wrote on the back side of the paper to show my short and long term goals)

” What I need help With” sheet. This paper would be good for the learner to write down anything he didn’t understand in class. So we can work on it or help him solve it when I come for tutoring

” Interesting Things I Read”…I expect my learner to read 3 interesting articles a week from a newspaper, online article, or magazine. I will show by an example of doing the same thing in my free time. It’s a very simple assignment.

Go over hw assignments and any help he needs in the classroom.

Before we end tutoring I will give my learner a magazine to take home. I hope the magazine will interest him to read it.

After working on problems that he needed help with. I will write down 5 problems for him to work on by himself to bring back to me so we can look over it.


Detailed information on what we did:

I feel like we got alot things accomplished today. The learner and me were on the same page. My learner was willing to work and listen to me today.

 Before we started today I greeted my learner and asked him how his weekend was. Then I told him about my trip to Atlanta this past weekend. As a teacher or tutor I think its good to have social interactions with ur learners or students.

I pretty much completed my goals for today. I gave him the folder with information( I explained to him why it was important) and we worked on problems.

We spent 30 minutes on Pythagorean theorem(a^2+ b^2= c^2). I taught him the difference between the legs and hypotenuse of a triangle. I think I really helped him today by understanding the concepts. Before working on the worksheet, I made my learner say out loud the directions. He does a good job of preparing for math problems. While helping him solve for hypothesis of the triangle he kept on subtracting the wrong variables. I showed him why not to subtract the variables and I showed him how to use “Order of Operations.”

Overall what I learn today is teaching can be fun. Time flew by when I was working with my learner. As a good tutor or teacher I never went to check my cell phone or do something off the subject. I let him solve some problems by himself and also helped guide him on difficult problems.

For Hw assignments I gave him the folder and “Sports Illustrated” magazine. I told him to find some interesting articles in the magazine.

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